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The Yorkshire Playground Officers Group (YPOG) is a forum for Local Authority playground managers and maintainers, bringing together officers from all across Yorkshire and further afield.


Originally, the group had its nucleus around South and West Yorkshire, but over the last 15 years it has spread across the whole of the region and has, over time, annexed members from across borders into Lancashire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, and Teesside. As a forum, it is unique and provides a depth of knowledge and experience which allows almost any difficulties with play equipment to be overcome.


Collectively, the group tackles common issues with manufacturers or faults with individual items of equipment and by doing so the ongoing safety of children using manufactured fixed play equipment across the region can be maintained.


The group meets three times a year with a roving venue and discusses issues such as funding, training (or the current lack of it), relationships with manufacturers and specific concerns or maintenance issues with items of equipment. Occasionally, manufacturers may be “invited” to attend to discuss concerns with service or products which are affecting the whole of the group and with the combined spend of 17 member Authorities around the table, manufacturers are aware of the influence of the group. Rest assured that if an item of equipment fails in Stockton-on-Tees, the relevant officers in East Riding, Sheffield, Barnsley, Calderdale, Scarborough, etc. will know about it within the hour.


YPOG is a staunch supporter of Yorkshire Play and has representation on the Yorkshire Play Board of Directors. If any organisation requires advice or assistance relating to the provision of unsupervised fixed play provision, Yorkshire Play and YPOG will be happy to help. Contact can be made either via the Playground Officer in the appropriate Local Authority or by email via info@yorkshireplay.org .