Here is a collection of documents that we have found useful.


Play and digital technology-Play Wales  Play & Digitial technology – a critical look at children’s use of mobile devices. Play Wales:



designforplay png test Design for Play – A guide to creating successful play spaces. Play England:


managing_risk_implementation_guide   Managing Risk in Play Provision: Implementation guide.  Play England:


Inclusive_Design_for_Play_briefing_1-1   Inclusive Design for Play briefing  from Play England:

Why make time for Play? Play Wales   Why Make time for Play?Play Wales


Kids logo    Kids series has a wealth of information from their bulletins.



a-brief-history-of-adventure-playgroundsA brief history of adventure playgrounds by Tony Chilton


From outside of the UK:


From Australia

The-case-for-play-V5 The-case-for-play-V5