The ABC Model to dynamic risk management – a new Play Wales publication


‘This new guidance paper provides a summary of a detailed risk-benefit assessment that considers common but potentially hazardous play behaviours displayed by children during staffed play sessions.

Play Wales, in partnership with Simon Bazley (Playful Futures), worked with Wrexham’s Play Development Team to develop an approach to behaviour based risk-benefit assessment.  Further work between the play development team and staff from The Land adventure playground has led to the development of The ABC Model for the Dynamic Risk Management of Common but Potentially Hazardous Play Behaviours.

The guidance paper is intended to support dynamic risk assessment by practitioners when working with playing children. It recognises that, whilst children’s play behaviours can be complex and present themselves in many different forms, the ways in which serious harm might occur are likely to be similar across different forms of behaviour. For example, the ways injury could occur, and the factors that practitioners need to take into consideration, are likely to be similar whether children are climbing a tree, swinging on a rope or sliding down a mud bank.

As a result, we have developed guidance to support risk-benefit assessments that can be applied to a wide range of behaviours – rather than having many different activity-based assessments that in practice duplicate one another. This guidance is intended to complement other risk-benefit assessment systems.

It is written by Mike Barclay (Wrexham Play Development team), Simon Bazley (Playful Futures) and Dave Bullough (The Land) and published by Play Wales.’
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Taken from: Play Wales

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