Power and Play



We all have an idea about what the word ‘power’ represents. Some of us may know what different types of power look and perhaps even feel like. We also know that power can be used with both good and not so good intentions.

As adults, we should try to be aware of our own power and authority and how that develops relationships, especially in our work with children.

But how many of us actually understand the concept of power and how to use it in our everyday work in order to create positive change?

This 2014 TED-Ed video explains things in an easy and empowering way and there are lots of links to be drawn between it and advocating or fundraising for play.  So many of us, particularly those working in the voluntary sector, must identify power sources in order to successfully network and bring in resources to the benefit of the people we work with.  And doing so is not easy, but Eric Liu and KAPWA Studioworks paint a bigger picture and give us a few tips.

Will this have the power to make a difference in our daily lives? Maybe, if we can reflect on the power of power to change the world for the better.

Too much power here? Let’s just watch the video.


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