50 Reasons to Believe in the Power of Play


Do you believe in the power of play? When it comes to a child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive growth, nothing is more enriching and empowering than playtime. The magic of play can unfold anywhere as long as children have the freedom to unleash their imaginations – on the playground, deep in the woods, nestled in the sandbox, or inside cardboard boxes! This info-graphic from Playground Equipment provides a fun and colorful assortment of reasons to believe in the power of play and to stand up for it across the globe.  

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Developing and Managing Play Spaces community toolkit

Community Toolkit cover

  Play Wales have recently published a Developing and Managing Play Spaces community toolkit. ‘It was designed for anyone who takes responsibility for managing or developing a play space in a community. This may be a community council, local play association or a residents group.’   The toolkit is intended to provide a single source of support and signposting for community groups to navigate some of the challenges of managing or developing a play space. It is a highly comprehensive document, covering areas such as information on play space design, management and development, step-by-step guides and how it all comes under the children’s rights […]

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The 14th National Playwork conference


It’s just a few weeks away now. There are a wealth of sessions covering the Power of Play, adventure playgrounds, Playwork Theory, Art and many other areas. For more information go to http://www.playworkconferences.org.uk/. or email them to book your place info@playworkconferences.org.

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‘Unsung heroes’ in Sheffield receive civic awards

Pitsmoor Logo

Sheffield City Council has this year re-launched the Lord Mayor’s Civic Awards scheme as an opportunity to thank local people who work in the community improving the lives of others. The Lord Mayor, Councillor Talib Hussain, was delighted to have the chance to acknowledge and value the hard work the recipients do for others, recognising that what they do is frequently done without any thanks but is done because they care. Nominations were invited from across the city in the summer resulting in twenty two people being recognised for their valuable contributions to the community. Of these twenty two, six […]

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Reclaiming public space through play

Child in the city logo

Can playing be used as a tool to reclaim cities for people; involving both children and adults in a process to re-inhabit public space? We can assert, yes, it can. The experience of “FLPP. Fronte di Liberazione dei Pizzinni Pizzoni” [Pizzinni Pizzoni Liberation Front] demonstrates it. Read more by following this weblink.

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Watch ‘Imagine being in their place’…


Here’s an awesome short video from Paizontas, a non-profit play organisation in Greece, aiming to promote children’s play and their right to play. The video conveys a powerful message in a funny and playful, yet very serious way – children’s levels of free outdoor and risky play are decreasing and we must do something about it. Is this proof that the phenomena isn’t only happening in the UK? We think so. Let the children play.

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  ‘Last week an anonymous campaign, ‘Save the Big Lottery Fund’, was launched, claiming that £320m of BLF funds was going to be diverted to compensate for forthcoming cuts to the arts and sports sectors. A quick round of calls established that there was indeed something of this nature in the offing, though we are still not able to confirm precise figures. Earlier this week, NCVO and ACEVO wrote to ministers to try and head these plans off at the pass and have made contact with various government officials. None of these conversations has provided the reassurance we have sought, hence we are […]

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The Daily Mile with Elaine Wyllie


Elaine Wyllie was on the today program this morning and gave a great interview. You can read more about her “Daily Mile” here. It would be easy to think she was talking about a play initiative at first. It gets children active, they don’t need a PE kit, it’s done in all weathers and the children love it, but, on closer inspection the ability for a child to choose whether they take part or not is limited and there is no choice of activity just a running track so it can’t be a play activity. I wonder what our members […]

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Parks for teens: 10 features teens want to see

Child in the city logo

In many parts of the world, park designers have turned to nature play as a way to foster connections to nature, increase social and cooperative play, and facilitate more physical activity.  In many instances, these parks are designed for pre-teen children.    Follow this link for some ideas on how to make parks for teenagers.

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We like: Adrian Voce’s new book ‘Policy for Play: Responding to Children’s Forgotten Needs’


‘Policy for Play’ is managed and edited by Adrian Voce OBE,  a writer, consultant and campaigner specialising in policy, planning and funding for children’s play. This is the first book to look in detail at children’s play within public policy. Using the UK government’s play strategy for England (2008-2010) as a detailed case study, it explores states’ obligations to children under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the General Comment 17 of 2013. It presents evidence that strategies for public health, education and even environmental sustainability would be more effective with a better-informed perspective about the nature […]

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